car decorations for graduation parade

Whether you are celebrating the graduation of your son, a relative, or a friend, when it comes to car decorations for graduation, the car decorations for graduation parade are the real fun! But with so many ideas out there, it can be hard to understand how to decorate or how to choose safe decoration products to use.

Car Decorations For Graduation

We have picked a few graduations car decorating ideas along with the best graduation car decorations kit, and some useful and safe decoration products for the car, so you can make your car the star of the graduation car parade while keeping it in the best shape.

Graduation car decorating ideas

Here are some amazing graduation car decorating ideas.

Blow up some balloons and tie them to the car

It is a great idea to tie colorful balloons to the car that you want to decorate for the graduation parade. You can tie them on the side mirrors. These balloons will give an interesting look to your car.

As you walk through a parade, you might untie a balloon now and then and give it to the kids watching the parade as a special gift.

Decorate quickly and easily with streamers.

You can pick up a roll of streamers from a party supply store or order it online from Amazon and attach them to your hood using masking tape. Twist two shiny colors together, then wind the streamers around your car’s side and back as well.

However, it is best to stay away from streamers if it is going to rain on graduation parade day.

Giant graduation cap for car

Especially for graduation events and parades, it is an amazing idea to put a giant graduation cap on the top of your car. This car graduation cap will give an interesting look to your car and people will say “Hey look, someone graduated.” It will be a lot of fun for sure.

How do you attach a graduation cap to a car?

It is very simple. You can use glue to attach the graduation cap to a car. Always use a good quality glue for car.

Use window paint to write a message on your car windows.

The Window paint is safe and secure to utilize on the windows of your car, and you can simply wash it off from the window when you are done with the parade. Try to choose some pleasant colors and write “Congrats Grad” on your car windows. You must be able to see clearly, of course!

Make some noise by hanging cans from the car bumper.

You just need to tie up 3-4 ft lengths of string to the tips of empty cans. Now join them with the tow hook on your car’s backside. So when you drive in the parade, the cans will make some noise, bounce around & will draw attention for sure.

Graduation car decorations kits.

Here is list of the best graduation car decorations kit that you can buy to decorate car for graduation day fast.

• Rainbow 2021 Graduation Car Decorations Kit
• DARUNAXY Graduation Decorations Congrats Congratulation
• 2021 Colorful Graduation Car Decorations Kit
• Anderson’s All in This Together Graduation Car Decoration Kit, Car Parade Float Décor

These kits have some pre-made stuff like banners and also have all the necessary products that are required to decorate a car and also all of them are car safe.

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