do you tip car detailers

Do You Tip Car Detailers in 2023? Yes, why shouldn’t I? However, you must be wondering how much to tip a car detailer in the USA; this blog will help you out.

Tipping car detailers is a positive thing to do, especially if they are good at their work, but deciding how much to tip the detailer at a car wash is never easy for anyone. If you’re having trouble deciding on an amount, here are some guidelines from experts in the field.

How much to tip car detailer – Common Cars

Typically, $2–$5 is good for economy-sized car detailing. If you get a larger car, such as an SUV, fully detailed (interior and exterior), the standard tip is $5 USD.

The following table shows how much to tip the car wash detailer depending on their performance.

Detail Job Expected Tip For Luxury Car

The expected tip for luxury cars like Audi, Mercedes, and Ferrari

$10 Good job
$10-$20 Very good job
$20+ Exceptional job or luxury wash

Any amount of tip adds a nice gesture and shows appreciation for their hard work. They will appreciate your kind words and warm gesture 🙂

How much to tip a mobile car detailer

If a mobile car detailer does an exceptional job, an extra “booster” tip of $5–7 would be more than appropriate. Keep in mind that this person isn’t working for tips; their job is to make your car look beautiful.

But it’s human nature to sugarcoat your experience when you know someone went above and beyond what was expected! It will do wonders for his or her morale if they know how appreciative you are of them going the extra mile.

Before proceeding further, if you are thinking, “Do you tip car detailers at a dealership?” The answer to this question is yes; why not?

If you’re not happy, then how much to tip?

If you feel that the detailing job was average and not as expected, there’s no need to leave a tip. Most car detailers would be happy with “average” results, so this gesture won’t rub them the wrong way. An exception would be made if your car wasn’t completely cleaned or an area of concern was missed.

The time and effort devoted to detailing heavily depend on how much they like their job; those who love it will put more work into it, even when the bill is less than average. This reflects positively on them as professionals and might leave you “in good standing” for future requests as well as recommending friends and family!

In the “worst-case” scenario

If you do not feel like your car was detailed well enough, tipping is not recommended and will probably leave a sour taste in your mouth. To demonstrate that you were truly dissatisfied with what they did or how long it took, a tip of apology would be more appropriate.

For example: “Hi (the retailer’s name), I wanted to apologize for the reason you’re unhappy. Thank you for everything else. “We appreciate your efforts!”

This gesture shows that you care about how their experience is viewed and doesn’t make them mad. If they know where to improve, they might offer a discount next time you come back to get the full-meal deal!

If you are thinking “What if I have a question about tipping?”

Just ask! We’ll be happy to help you with any questions or concerns.

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